March 6, 2011

On Democracy and Family Rule (Pamphlet #4)

Think you, kind neighbor, that T.Paine might regularly employ the terms "modern aristocracy", "Entitlement Class", and "inheritance" in these pamphlets without reasonable cause?  Have you perhaps innocently presumed that the intent for such words is merely to incite vivid imagery where far less provoking nomenclature be appropriate?  Then behold, for the purposes of elucidation, that beyond what upstanding championship of democratic governance you may come to expect from those who control the hundreds of millions of dollars collected by our city for decades, the presumed rules of government in which we honest Americans believe and to which we pledge allegiance have not, in any discernible form imaginable, been the rules by which our fine but fouled city has been governed for far too long.  Exaggerated are these words not, for the sacred principles of good governance and fairness to all Hobokenites have been held hostage for far too long and no other means but that of exact description can do justice where, heretofore, none has been done.  In fact, where the expectation is that our leaders have operated under the conspicuous guidance of fair DEMOCRATIC RULE, the reality is that those who controlled the city for so long, and those who yearn to once again seize upon its purse strings, have done so under an aristocratic, obscure, prowling system of FAMILY RULE.

Does it surprise you to learn that the legacy of former mayors, some of whose brethren and progeny still maintain a seat on the current City Council, carries on in the desire and constant influence from these current majority Members of Council, leaders of such an Delphian aristocracy?  Does it surprise you that decades of Hoboken governance is founded, frighteningly, upon an ulterior system of rules which cannot be found in any state manual instructing means by which local government shall run?  Does it surprise you to learn that our fair city has heretofore functioned on such a system so perverse that it rivals stories portrayed in film and fiction?  Does it surprise you to learn that this wretched system has kept so many in stronghold or fear that they remain compelled to support it or risk losing all footing in their current life station, when and if the cruel powers would regain control of the city?  Have you care, good neighbor, to learn more?

Journey, if you will, for some moments to explore the evils and treachery that have plagued Hoboken's government for far too long.  Strong exterior forces and funds have propped the more powerful and the most merciless over the needy and helpless, creating aristocratic overlords and a beholden proletariat who, after such long a time oppressed by this other system, know pitifully little of the proper democratic process to which they are legally entitled.  Rather than a democratic system of rules and repercussions clearly scribed and consistently applied, as is found throughout our great country and mandated more specifically by state law, an enigmatic, dark system of favors and debts ruthlessly executed and indiscriminately issued has festered mostly unchecked from within the walls of City Hall.  Though this malevolent system now slowly suffocates under the squeeze of a growing reform movement, the desperate throws of the current majority Members of Council are fixed on regaining control of City Hall and creeping quietly back to an underworld economy of debts owed and favors given that are never forgotten in such a system, thereby spoiling the possibility of eschewing Hoboken's bane of corruption.

“Explain yourself, T.Paine!” you declare, “For we are a strong community with a proud history and our good residents have endured too much to be cast in such a light with no proof!”  Without haste, friend, shall I make the case for why we have found ourselves on the verge of a RETURN TO FAMILY RULE!

First, consider how emphatically the majority Members of Council who lead the Entitlement Class continue to peddle the "Old Hoboken" lie.  This, my friend, is done subversively to remind all those who have participated (or whose families have participated) and gained favors or perhaps prospered from the Family Rule system that they are yet still indebted and must not turn their backs or face retribution once and if power is regained.  More on this in Pamphlet #1,"Old Hoboken Is A Lie."

Second, consider how frightfully challenging it has been these odd months for the new majority Members of Council to abide by common body rules, avoid stepping upon their own toes with hypocrisy, and prevent spoiling their seemingly righteous words with contradictory corrupted actions.  It is no less conspicuous than swine feigning swans that these new majority Members of Council, SELF-INTERESTED USURPERS OF THE DEMOCRATIC PUBLIC PROCESS, wherefore years employing the masked rules of an ulterior system, have absolutely no knowledge of conducting the legal proceedings of a legitimate, functioning City Council.  That body's very inability to even attempt to manage itself without exposing insensitivity to democracy and an unwillingness to serve the community at large demonstrates how corrupted it be, and, it exposes those same Members of Council to the unavoidable proof of how unfamiliar each is with abiding the laws relevant to run a local American government.  More on this in Pamphlet #2, "City Council, Corrupted."

Third, consider how contemptuously these same majority Members of Council presume that they shall inherit the seats in which they have sat but done next to nothing to benefit and improve the future of our city.  In a Family Rule the modern aristocracy make no mistake to expect an hereditary succession, as has occurred for far too long already in so many offices of City Hall.  In fact, one must be none but troubled to consider the parallels between the concurrently teetering nation of Libya, its leaders and brethren installed throughout that government, and the way in which such powers and positions are mirrored so much the same here at home.
Take pride, we may, in that our nation may better consist of authoritative seats cured of nepotism, yet shudder, we must, in that our local government reeks of the endemic rot induced by Family Rule.  More on this in Pamphlet #3, "Hoboken Shall Not Be Inherited."

Fourth, consider how rife the clan is that aprons the aristocratic leaders of the Entitlement Class with multiple generations of thugs and windbags abandoned by the relentless merits of progress, lost in the murk of uselessness, and searching for a place to apply their primitive, ruffian, anachronistic tutelage.  Have you witnessed how regularly your allies of reform and grass-roots inspired advocates speak in tones of enlightened debate in quest of truth and fact while the aristocratic leaders of the Entitlement Class and their subservient lackeys speak in convoluted bits of witty snipe, aggressive intimidation and outright vandalism in an attempt to insulate their unsubstantiated, vituperative diatribe?  This is by no method an implication of inferior mental capacity; rather, there is an intentional technique here employed with much intelligence and for good purpose.  It must then be asked, in what form of good governance is it necessary to surround oneself with delinquent, hoodlum, goonish malefactors trained in the arts of filthy-mouth and physical threat?  At least it can be said in pride and confidence that such ramparts are not needed in American democracy.  Mayn't we all readily concede the fact that the brute is a coarse, unsophisticated tool not of democracy but of Family Rule?

Fifth, consider how the individuals who supported, endorsed, and funded the campaigns of former corrupt officials are by and large the exact same lot who now converge to lay siege upon our budding springtime movement of reform.  Witness their exasperated balk whenever this subject is raised, how furious they become when reminded of the stinking beds of corruption from which they rise each morn and the greasy tables of graft from which they feed each eventide.  The hypocrisy is never more glaring than at these moments when THEY insist it some matter of primitive simplification to group THEM with THOSE who were once cheered by THEY as heroes but now exposed by WE AND LAW as CRIMINALS.  It is duly granted that one can not categorically be made guilty by association, but must it be asked in plain word at what point of recurring affinity does acquaintance turn to accomplice?  The majority Members of Council who antagonize our fledgling efforts at reform insist they be independent and fight for justice, yet they hail from a history of repeated, chronic association with the very deposed despots who were convicted in democratic courts of law to have misled, lied, conspired, stolen, taken bribes, shamed, embarrassed, betrayed, and NOT REPAID us all!  What is it other than Family Rule that, time and again, unites them and, exasperatingly, permits them to believe they have been forgiven of their debts?

Let us now use some common sense to acknowledge that it simply can not be just the one convicted who dealt in the misdeeds leading to imprisonment.  And let us use some more common sense to acknowledge that it simply can not likely be just the small sums of bribery and promise admitted or revealed in adjudication that comprise the totality of the crimes actually committed.  And let us use even more common sense to further acknowledge that not even innocent fools, if justice, democratic right and a DESIRE FOR REFORM were the motives, would attempt to assemble the same sullied team and the same disingenuous core supporters of those who were convicted for indicted acts of CORRUPTION.  And let us again use common sense to acknowledge that there must be some ulterior motive that forces these same individuals to align in an incongruous and illogical UNITY not just once but over again despite their shallow protests of self-representation and independence.  Why, should it not then be common sense that such incongruous and illogical unity is due to a force stronger than that of concord, strategy or logic?  Why, in plain truth, is it not also then, by common sense deduction, anything more obvious than bonds that supersede pact, friendship, logic, or temporary strategic alliance?

Yes, dear neighbor and advocate for reform, the will is so strong and the attraction is so great among THEY WHO CONSPIRE to overtake our emergent morn of good governance because this tie that binds they who peddle the "Old Hoboken" lie, the self-ordained political aristocracy of entitlement, and the foot soldiers betrothed thereto, none of whom find a faith in democracy relevant, is one of a more profound yet less puritanical rule.  This tie that binds them is one that defies common logic and overthrows the democratic laws of our land.  This tie that binds them is unarguably an extension of the same connexion that allows one to overlook flaw and defect in sibling and progeny, even beyond laws broken and ethics eschewed.  Yes, fellow Hobokenite, this tie that binds them is indisputably that of a deeper, covetous law than that followed by you and I.  Yes, this tie that binds them is unequivocally that of FAMILY RULE.

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