March 19, 2011

City Council At War With Truth, Law And Democracy (Pamphlet #6)

The current Members of Council who represent the so-called "new majority" have nothing to say but lies and distortions, watch them if you will.  Can not any common person witness these meetings and understand that the posture is pretended, the debate is diatribe, the spirit is sunken?  How be it so that for too long those who pretend to represent us have expended their energies on nothing substantial but to tear apart the honor and the respect of our city government?  How be it so that the rules which dictate right and wrong, proper and improper, fair and unfair, are so regularly ignored and frequently twisted to clear the way for an agenda that defies ethic?  How be it so that those who impose their neglect and selfishness upon us maintain the audacity to spout lies in public, without proof, and carry on without qualm?

We, fellow Hobokenite, are witnesses to the most egregious and insufferable abuse of authority possible in a legislative body.  All their oars are set to overtake the springtime movement of reform so that the Entitlement Class may maintain their power and their seats from which control over the riches of our city are abused.  We hear demands for information without a care to read it.  We see posturing for justice without a care to succeed in it.  We have before us no less than a wicked and deplorable WAR with truth, law, and democracy, all for the PERMANENCE and self-gain of the ARISTOCRATS who currently control City Council.

At war with truth, are they, in that the majority Members of Council will have you believe that they succeed in exposing lies and treachery when in fact their lies and treachery are at every congress revealed.  Consider how freely these lethargic usurpers declare untruths and, once the fact is stated, quickly move on to a new distraction.  Consider how swiftly these corrupted marauders insist their friendship with OUR reform and include the successes of OUR patriots as their contributions.

At war with law, are they, in that the majority Members of Council will have you believe that they succeed in exposing inappropriate and illegal actions when in fact their blatant disregard for the laws and rules of their positions are at every congress revealed.  Consider the repeated interruptions by their appointed legal representation about procedure and proper conduct to the extent that the majority Members of Council were recently lectured by their legal counsel that since the new majority has grabbed power of the City Council, they have "...ignored the by-laws more than they have followed them!"

At war with democracy, are they, in that the majority Members of Council will have you believe that they succeed in exposing deviations from our governmental structure when in fact their aristocratic totalitarianism is at every congress on display.  Consider the various, morphing attempts to silence minority Members of Council, and increasingly, even THE PUBLIC at all times unless when the voices are in advance programmed.  Consider the attempts to circumvent and avoid the laws of our city when they do not suit.

I ask you, dear neighbor, what has been accomplished by this new majority other than the swelling of bruises from lies beaten upon us?  What successes have been enjoyed by this new majority - and by this is not meant the successes by OUR REFORM for which they grab credit - other than the slaying of rules and the sweeping of order from the dais?  Where are the lockstep results of a lockstep unity other than the lockstep march towards moral obliteration?

Partial laws and minor gains will be lauded by them as feats of heroes.  Will not they proclaim that rent control has been resolved?  Who will hold Council President's feet to the fire on the fact that for nearly two years under her responsibility a change was not forthcoming, when during this time hundreds of thousands of dollars have been lost in litigation?  Will they not announce that police contracts are finalized and millions have been saved the Hoboken residents?  Who will hold Council Vice-President to task for antagonizing the labor negotiations last fall forcing arbitration and face-saving?  Will they not declare that redevelopment is proceeding for open space and parks, when majority Members of Council attempted just this month to stop all redevelopment progress on a minor procedural technicality?  Who will reprimand the newest Councilman to cut his prepared political banter and take the time to learn the very basics of redevelopment law before assuming the chair of that critical subcommittee?

None other than the bitter fruits of political positioning are to be found in this otherwise spoiled garden, dear neighbor.  Next to nothing has been accomplished to benefit the common residents of Hoboken that has not come from those REFORMERS who hang on during this tumultuous period of council chaos.  No progress has been made other than desperate throes to project this majority in a righteous, yet false, light.  No, there is nothing to find here in the way of legislative success when the moral compass has been demagentized by greed and graft.  The City Council is exhausting itself in its war with truth, law and democracy.  Will you, good neighbor, stand for more than these six months of miserable failure?

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  1. Woe to those of us, long forgotten, who blazoned trails that you now tread. Smug you are, as if there were no one before you. Your new presence so welcome when first you awakened and joined us. Alas and finally, we are not alone anymore; we wept with joy….we are no longer alone. And yet, behold what has become of this union forced to wither and decay into an ugly dived brought on by your pitch forks and cloud attacks. Now we learn, there are those of us that you scorn. You bellow and sputter with ignorant affect that we, yes we, are part of the “Entitlement Class.” We, who never were, nor are, nor ever shall be. How dare you despise.
    We never sought that power you attempt to wrestle from others who never deserved it, but always had it. But do you deserve it anymore then they? Do you deserve the keys to the city simply because you paid too much for them? You that think not of your neighbors, just your own personal needs. You that bully and berate, as evil and nasty as any thug before you. Get out you bellow from behind false names. But give us your vote so that “we” can beat “them.” And when you have your chance, you forget you ever new us, ever borrowed our words and twisted them into your own, ever promised that you were with us and instead lied to our faces. Will you conquer the town, our new group of thugs to reign in terror behind a masque of reform? We don’t know, but merely shake our heads and say; just a new group of lords that care not for anyone but themselves…..and it has always been thus.