March 11, 2011

Apathy Will Get You Nowhere (Pamphlet #5)

Your trip to work STANDING ROOM ONLY?  Your RENT TOO HIGH in a poorly constructed building?  Your WATERFRONT CRUMBLING into the Hudson?  Your PLAYING FIELDS none to find?  Your SCHOOLS AWFUL?

You are not alone!  Look around, fellow Hobokenite, at those who join you each day to and from our bustling little city.  They too PAY A HIGH PRICE to live in Hoboken yet suffer the same injustices as you.  The injustice is the failure to return to you what YOU DESERVE for the price you pay to live here.  The mistake is an attempt to lay blame for these injustices on the blossoming movement of REFORM taking hold in City Hall.

Do you know why you get nothing, neighbor?  The truth is hard, but the fact is very plain.  YOU ARE SIMPLY NOT CONSIDERED by those in power focused on self-preservation!  Worse even, you are intentionally ignored!  You are neglected by those who have HELD ON TO POWER FOR TOO LONG in our government.  Your concerns are not relevant to them because they have chosen to PRIORITIZE OTHERS who do one thing far, far better than you.  They dependably offer their vote while you say nothing.  You get nothing for your costly contributions because those who are elected to serve you don't know who you are, have never heard from you, and generally think YOU DO NOT AND WILL NOT VOTE.

So I ask, dear neighbor, on this are they wrong?  Have you spoken your concerns in their ear?  Have you expressed your desire to receive more than the residue of their hand outs?  Have you demanded anything from your elected representatives?  Do you know who represents you?  Do you trust them?  Do you know of their prior actions?  Do you have faith in them to do right?  Have you spoken your mind through your intent to vote?  Have you even registered yourself for the right?  DO YOU HAVE THE TIME?

If you will agree that you have not been heard nor even listened to, then let me be the first to propose that APATHY WILL GET YOU NOWHERE.   Say you are too busy and you will get nothing.  Say you are not interested in local politics and expect more neglect.  Say you have other more important things to do and know that no one will come to your aide.  Yet, aide will come and go elsewhere.

If you want to be heard, if you want to be represented, if you want your fair share of the riches of Hoboken, NOW IS THE TIME to act.  The REVOLUTION HAS COME!  The reform of Hoboken city government is underway!  Purge the ENTITLEMENT CLASS ARISTOCRATS who have stuffed themselves and their supporters at your expense.  They are extremely vulnerable to your vote.

A fresh, untainted reform candidate with a mind to focus on your concerns is challenging the entrenched, corrupted Members of Council that feign to represent you.  A shift towards good, balanced government that listens to your voice is within your reach.  Will you stand alongside your neglected neighbors to VOTE FOR REFORM, or will you just keep standing in line for the same apathetic bus?  Weigh carefully, young Hobokenite, you have the whole packed commute to decide!  To act, pick your reform/good governance candidate here and VOTE FOR REFORM!

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