March 1, 2011

Hoboken Shall Not Be Inherited (Pamphlet #3)

It is an incomparable disgrace to witness the so-called "Entitlement Class" of modern aristocrats who now control the City Council unabashedly admit to an expectation of keeping that control as it were their fathers' right to pass the house on to the child.  One of the many contemptuous notions of Hoboken's Entitlement Class is that they feel they are deserving of the keys to the city (and more importantly the city's coffers) because, they contend, to have suffered through the hard times, or because, more egregiously, their families have maintained such control for so many years.

Listen to them talk of their family names like Old World nobility as if the thieves who have sullied Hoboken's name for their own benefit only could possibly own of anything that were noble.  Defend their reputations they do, praising the brethren, CONVICTED FELONS WHO STOLE MILLIONS FROM OUR CITY, as if they had committed minor mistakes since then repented.  Is it repentance to never pay back what you owe the residents of our fine city?  Is it repentance to avoid fines and penalties costs with lies and shifting of real estate to other family members?  Is it repentance to disgrace our city with selfish motives and to continue to play politics vicariously through disingenuous progeny?  Ignore the graft and corruption they do, speaking of the brief, good moments ("But we plowed the snow, did we not?") while forgetting the painful, suffering, corrupt era that has spoiled so much of the potential of our fine city. 

Has it not occurred to you, dear neighbor, that they themselves, through years of mismanagement and SELF-SERVING GOVERNANCE, have caused so much hard times upon so many others?  Consider rent control stagnant for decades and still incomplete because the politics are too divisive, infrastructure crumbling due to neglect when attention was turned instead to lining pockets, overdevelopment with little to no benefit to the community at large so long as campaign contributions were secure (have we a community pool yet, but still the same name dares to ask for even more?), and does not this despicable list continue on with many other displeasing counts of irresponsibility heretofore unresolved?

To inherit implies the right and dues of permanent ownership within a family.  Yet in Hoboken, as it is understandably surprising to discover, we do indeed govern under the PRINCIPLES OF DEMOCRACY, if T.Paine were to be so bold as to associate the tainted reigns of mayors past with that illustrious term.  There is no permanent right to ownership of our government, is there not?  And there most certainly is no nobility of which to claim such right, correct?  In fact, the only inheritance that is truly begot all of us is in the costs of decades of mismanagement resultant of the ERA OF CORRUPTION that still permeates the ranks of City Hall, and most notably, City Council.

The fundamental belief in "hereditary succession" among some Members of Council and their cherished Entitlement Class must be flawed because these selfish peddlers of the "Old Hoboken" lie have all but lost their control of the riches of our city and are now in a last desperate throw to regain their hold.  We, the tired but resilient keepers of governmental reform, have effected all but the last stamping out of the shameful past that some Members of Council have the audacity to praise when it criticized.  Needed is but one final blow to these thieves, their installed puppets, and their ex-reformer Madam financier, TRAITOR TO US ALL, to finally and completely turn the tides of our beautiful city towards a bright and promising future.  As the kingdoms of Europe were torn down and transformed into modern democracies, the cause being the oppression of the proletariat, we too must tear down the remaining strongholds of the modern aristocracy that disdainfully cares for only their own at the expense of we the many.  Where are you this eve, dear neighbor?

Now is the time to take notice of the corruption that has ruined our fortunes and stalled our progress.  Now is the time to end the budget manipulation that occurs when those who have entrenched themselves for too long in the seats of the City Council make no effort but that which promises to preserve themselves and the desperate dependents who feast upon the bounty of their control.  Now is the time to act on your disgust and remove the selfish aristocrats of the Entitlement Class.  Now is the time to voice your opinion in every commentary on every medium, share your contempt for the dishonesty and treachery, and rally your neighbors to join this final encounter with the dark past.  Now is the time to speak aloud the voice of reform and reason.  No, Hoboken shall not be inherited!  Take them down with your voice, remove them with your vote!

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