April 19, 2011

You Can End Corruption in Hoboken on May 10th! (Pamphlet #10)

If you LOVE HOBOKEN, if you enjoy living here, if you want to MAKE HOBOKEN BETTER, if you have time for only one ACT OF GOOD this spring, PLEASE VOTE FOR REFORM and PURGE HOBOKEN of CORRUPTION on May 10th!

Hoboken's Reform movement is VERY CLOSE to purging corrupted City Council members who have ONCE AGAIN been exposed in FBI video tapes agreeing to the same kind of bribes and illegal quid pro quo arrangements that got former Mayors Russo and Cammaranno arrested, convicted, and imprisoned.  Hoboken is so corrupt that those Mayors have still not paid us back for their crimes!

Yet Russo, his cousin Castellano, and their allies Mason, Giacchi, and Occhipinti still control City Council with an IRON FIST.  They OPPOSE the growing REFORM MOVEMENT at every step.

How does this IMPACT YOU?  Higher taxes, selective enforcement, crumbling infrastructure, corrupt politicians, two sets of rules (one for them, another for you), and other neglected city business while they all GET PAID and you get IGNORED.


Vote For Your Ward's Reform City Council Candidate on May 10th:

First Ward: Eric Kurta (1B)
Second Ward: Tom Greany (1B)
Third Ward: Greg Lincoln (1B)
Fourth Ward: Rami Pinchevsky (1A)
Fifth Ward: Peter Cunningham (1C)
Sixth Ward: Jen Giattino (1B)

For links to all reform candidates' web pages, please visit: http://tiny.cc/zsgci

Get the latest news about Hoboken's reform movement at:  www.hobokenhorse.com

Discover the dark secrets of Hoboken corruption at: www.commonsensehoboken.blogspot.com

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