April 12, 2011

On Those Who Feign Our Friends Yet Are Not (Pamphlet #9)

WE THE REFORMERS must not believe the lies that come with the present campaign literature and debate puffery of the Aristocratic Members of Council who have done nothing for far too long but work to preserve their power, yet now claim themselves friends of OUR dear child, reform.  Those Members of Council who pretend to be friends of ours may more appropriately be included within the following reprehensible descriptions.  Those who have NEVER BEEN SUPPORTERS OF REFORM because they and their friends have profited and grown fat on the riches of Entitlement, those who have BETRAYED us by aligning themselves with other Aristocratic Members of Council who represent without shame the gluttonous Entitlement Class for selfish and egotistical purposes that are absent of concern for we residents, and those who KNOW NOTHING of the needs of the people of Hoboken and merely agreed to be bought by others, with money, cheap (or no) rent, influence and selfish plans, in their first attempt at a Council seat regardless of the position into which one is locked when aligning oneself in convenience with the forces of Family Rule.

First, you may read that the current City Council President Beth Mason offers credit and support to the blossoming movement of reform that grows this spring within City Hall, but these claims are not only FALSE, they are PERVERTED.  City Council President Beth Mason was once the person who lead the attack against those in government who withheld information against the laws of the state, but more recently SHE HERSELF has been the one charged with knowingly and deliberately attempting to conceal her actions as she tosses and turns herself further and further into bed with the most despicable FAMILY RULE in Hoboken.

City Council President Beth Mason DESERTED and BETRAYED the brave rebels of REFORM when knowingly choosing to be aligned with the RUSSO FAMILY that RULES Hoboken's affordable housing waiting lists and still plots to once again take back more city control whenever we may exhale and turn a weak side.  City Council President Beth Mason, once a strong advocate for reform, now endorses and is allied with a man who brags on FBI VIDEO to developers about "controlling" the Hoboken Housing Authority and providing free rent to his "friends".  This week past, Council President Mason, once an outspoken steamroller against any and all appearances of improper political conduct but now just steam, effectively condoned the brazen corruption displayed by Ex-Council Vice-President Michael Russo on FBI VIDEO with a hollow resolution of reprimand not just to protect Ex-Council Vice-President Russo from the full political repercussions of his deplorable actions, but to protect HER FRAGILE AND DWINDLING POLITICAL POWER.  She aims with this deflection to keep Mr. Russo as an ally so as to maintain her power, yet NO POWER, regardless of unearned riches or baseless braggadocio of business acumen, can control the selfish, wicked RUSSO FAMILY were they to once again commandeer, either directly or by proxy, the powers of City Council, especially not the irresponsible, reckless, and infantile management capabilities of Council President Beth Mason.  If she can't manage a single City Council meeting, how can she manage Mr. Russo?

Secondly, Ex-Council Vice-President Russo has forcefully shoved all the way to and with power for years, ignoring the needs of residents except when they match with selfish goals of self-preservation, as he proudly bragged about in his full hour of disgusting FBI VIDEO released last week when he boasted in a sales pitch for outside developer campaign contributions, "You do for me, I do for you."  Ex-Council Vice-President Russo has even been accused of shoving a fifty-nine year old man down to the ground while his father, Mayor of Hoboken at the time, trampled the man's camera for attempting to document the fact that the Mayor had illegally entered a polling place during active voting.  This is the THUG who pretends to be gentle by pawning his wife and newborn child on a recently launched political website masquerading as a friendly family blog, yet shares meals with developers to sell out the city in an effort to swell his coffers with campaign contributions.

Ex-Council Vice-President Russo also now pretends to suddenly be devoted to bringing a park to the Third Ward, when for the entirety of his selfish, greed-inspired reign he has done nothing to further parks in the Third, instead pushing all sorts of OTHER developments at the expense of a new park.  The only park, a tiny little corner water park, is all he has to show for his efforts all this time, yet brag of it he does now that "parks" is his deceptive platform.  Surely after his actions depicted in the DAMNING FBI videos cause him to lose his position as Chair of the Budget and Finance Committee he can no longer call himself a budget hawk, but feigning parks advocacy when for so long he has nary mentioned the issue is just more disgusting, cold-heartedness from those who pretend to be friends of reform.

Witness today the brutish and blunt destruction inflicted upon the delicate movement of REFORM at each and every City Council meeting when Ex-Council Vice-President Michael Russo obliterates law and rule for no end but selfish, personal political gain.  His objective is to sully the good work of the reform movement to bring these efforts down to his level.  And this when power is still one step removed and limited to a brief period in time.  Imagine, if you wish to frighten yourself into a sensible belief, the results of a full reign of this kind of terror!  Or imagine not, and simply recall the HELL we endured when his FATHER would attend City Council meetings, leaning upon the railing when residents stood up to speak, and berating them for daring to question his judgment as Mayor.  As he has proven in the recent FBI VIDEO, Michael Russo is a rotten apple lying very close by the tree of his corrupted and convicted father and vile, angry mother.  He dares to call his actions just two years ago those of a "young man", yet he continued just this month to deny his wrongdoings and accuse those who challenged him on his actions "liars" until the Pulitzer Prize-winning authors released the DAMNING FBI VIDEO recordings that shocked and embarrassed us all with how villainous Mr. Russo can really be when behind closed doors and away from his City Council showboating.  If he had any decency, he would at least leave his wife and child out of his shameless "politrickin", but instead he moves them front and center in a calculated measure to further feed the fire of his reckless political ambition.

Thirdly, Councilwoman Theresa Castellano feigns to be a friend of "the people" and support "constituent services", having claimed to pioneer so many good things such as "Zero Tolerance" legislation.  Now, at a dire moment of desperation, she offers suspicious support to the reform movement by seeking common ground upon which to apparently stand beside us.  DO NOT BE FOOLED by this fork-tongued snake in the grass!  Her original placement on City Council was a means for her cousin and former Mayor Anthony Russo to control the First Ward, and now she votes in lockstep with her nephew Ex-Council Vice-President Michael Russo.

The lies of Councilwoman Castellano are frequent and her legislation is nothing more than a series of awards offered in advance of upcoming elections to trick the innocent voters into thinking that this poor excuse for a representative who does absolutely nothing of value between election seasons, is sincere and thoughtful of the residents of Hoboken.  Simply read the recent flier sent by post where Councilwoman Theresa Castellano LIES ABOUT SUPPORTING a program she has repeatedly voted AGAINST!  Or consider the lies she is telling constituents that others have been involved in the FBI VIDEOS when in fact, only her nephew has been exposed both in a recent publication and on video as agreeing to take $5,000 bribes.  The objective here is to negate the astonishing actions of her nephew.  The thoughts here are those of securing votes and nothing else, good governance be damned, and with no concern for truth or consistency.

Councilwoman Theresa Castellano is a blatant and documented liar in her own campaign literature, and she is further documented as lying to the community through her vote by supporting parks now that they are popular, but railing against more parks just a few years ago when she had the power to do so and was not attempting to fool the growing ranks of reformers into thinking she was anything but an enemy.  This is no friend of reform, this is a fiend of self-preservation infatuated by the tender, dripping cutlets of entitlement.  She could rid her shop of classless t-shirts and turn into butcher if not the metaphor were so vivid.  Better yet, let us vote for her opponent and shut the doors of this arrogant FAMILY business.

Fourthly, Councilman Nino Giacchi dares to take the title of a "voice of reason", when every vote cast by him has also been in lockstep with the Aristocratic Entitlement Class Members of Council who obstruct, ignore, and neglect the laws and rules they claim to defend.  Alas!  The "voice of reason" is nothing more than the impotent voice of hypocrisy in its best effort to guise offal as focus. No, this is no friend of reform, this is the residue film of stagnant political carrion attempting to convince the unsuspecting that one who votes each and every time with the Entitlement Class patrons who now control the City Council will somehow show independence at some future time.  Believe it, not.  That is all need be said of this impostor.

Fifthly, current Fourth Ward Councilman Tim Occhipinti claims independence and a will to represent the common interests of that ward, yet a large number of unethical and tasteless actions immediately disqualify him from any relation or friendship with our efforts for reform.  Councilman Occhipinti is currently being investigated by the New Jersey Attorney General's office for allegedly "purchasing" his council seat by paying hundreds more workers during the election than any other candidate, and moreover, having hundreds more absentee votes than any other election conducted in the State of New Jersey on that day.  Furthermore, Councilman Occhipinti received large contributions from several sources related to major development interests in Hoboken, immediately moved after winning his election seat into a property owned by a major development interest in Hoboken, and was immediately, and with questionably little experience or knowledge of this issue, appointed to lead the city's redevelopment efforts by Council President Beth Mason, who coincidentally brags about the over $13,000 she unethically funneled into Councilman Occhipinti's campaign.  More BETRAYAL of the reform movement.  How so can these any be friend of ours, now or in future?

No, there are fewer friends on City Council now than there are foes of reform.  Do not believe the papers, statements and literature that use deceptive words to suggest there is a relationship with reform.  The only relationship is that of opposition, hate, and lust for power over the people who deserve to overthrow the Entitlement Class and pursue a new era of good governance and ethical conduct.  WE THE REFORMERS must be above these lies and tricks.

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